Another Implant Restored Molar

This Gloucester patient was unhappy with the gap in the upper right molar area. The patient did not want to wear a denture to replace the tooth and a bridge was deemed unsuitable. It is important to try to fill all gaps, especially at the back of the mouth. If not, the front teeth do a job they are not designed to do i.e. chewing food and become subject to wear and even fractures. We decided to use a dental implant to fill the gap.We used the ACE tricam system for this patient

Pre-Operative Photos

Dental models are made in a dental lab using impressions taken of the patient. These allow us to replicated the mouth in 3 dimensions and design the implant crown to fit into the patient's mouth.

Dental Model Photos

The crown is fixed to the osseo-integrated implant using a screw torqued into place. A white filling is then placed over the screw to protect it. Now The patient can function fully. We have increased the surface area upon which to chew food. The patient was delighted with the final look and feel.

Post-Operative Photos