Teeth whitening

An effective solution for stained and discoloured teeth. Bring back your bright, confident smile.


Teeth whitening uses bleaching agents to remove stains and discolouration from patients’ teeth. We create whitening trays that are perfect for the patient’s mouth, and provide whitening gels which are most suitable for their needs.

Patients often receive whitening to remove stains caused by the consumption of wine, cigarettes, coffee or tea. Discolouration as a result of ageing is also a common motivator for patients seeking whitening treatment.

Frequently asked questions

Is tooth whitening bad for my teeth?

Not when conducted by a high quality dental practice such as Limes Dental Practice. We are well qualified and experienced in providing a whitening service which is both safe and effective.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

No. Teeth whitening usually last a few years with good dental care. Your teeth will continue to age and to pick up small stains and hence will continue to discolour slowly.

Will whitening disrupt my existing dental work?

The whitening agents can disrupt bonds between composite materials and your teeth. For dental work not involving composite materials however, this is not a problem. If you’re unsure about your suitability for teeth whitening, just ask!

How much will it cost?

Our teeth whitening treatments start from £450. Your dentist will explore your options with you during your initial consultation to ensure that you are comfortable with the cost of your treatment. You will also be provided with a printed estimate of the fees for your treatment, prior to any treatment being conducted.