Frequently asked questions

At Limes Dental Practice we prioritise the comfort of our patients. As part of this commitment, we aim to be as open and transparent as possible. If you are unable to find the answer to your question below, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

What should I expect when I visit the dental practice?
Our welcoming reception team will great you. They will confirm your details and appointment time. If it is your first visit we may ask you to complete a medical questionnaire. It's important that your dentist has a full medical history. This ensures we can deliver the highest standard of tailored dental care.

If you would like to complete or discuss this medical history form in private, please let us know.

Your dentist will discuss your specific requirements before examining your mouth. Often we will ask if we can take X-rays to show us more information about your teeth and mouth.

We discuss our findings with you and design a treatment plan that meets your specific needs. We provide a printed plan that outlines your treatment and related costs.
What if I am very nervous about dental treatment?
We “cater for cowards”. We are very aware that nobody enjoys coming to see the dentist. We focus on making your visit as stress free as possible for you. Appointments progress at a pace you are comfortable with. We explain all treatments, and gain your permission before they begin.

We can treat most patients with explanation, reassurance and pain-free treatment delivery.
I haven′t visited a dentist in ages. Will I need a lot of dental treatment?
Not necessarily, if you have been taking care of your dental health. We will explain all the the treatment options and costs, and devise an appropriate treatment plan for you. You will know exactly what treatment you are receiving and what it will cost before it begins.
I am afraid of injections. What should I do?
At the practice we take very special care to deliver painless injections. We achieve this by taking the time to numb the area using anaesthetic gel before injecting.
How much will it cost?
This depends on what treatment you have agreed with your dentist. We will explain costs to you before treatment. We also provide a printed estimate of your treatment plan before carrying it out.
What if I can′t attend my appointment?
We ask our patients to give us 48 hours notice if they cannot attend an appointment. This gives us the opportunity to offer the slot to emergency patients in pain.
What if I forget to attend my appointment?
We send our patients a reminder text 48 hours before their appointments. If you still forget to attend we will contact you to offer you another appointment. In cases of repeated failures to attend we may charge a fee for the missed appointment.
When should I pay for my dental treatment?
We ask that our patients pay for the treatment they have had on the day they have had it. However, some treatments take place over several appointments. In these cases, we split the fee across appointments. In some very rare circumstances we may ask a patient for part of their payment up front.
Can I see the hygienist without seeing a dentist?
Yes, you can. But, we encourage patients to see their dentist for a regular check-up every 6 months.
Why has my dentist recommended I see the hygienist every three months?
A patient's needs determine how often they visit. Some patients need more visits to treat and control certain issues. Your dentist will help you decide on a hygiene visit frequency that's right for you.
Why has me dentist recommended I see the hygienist for a double appointment?
For patients with advanced gum disease we may recommend a longer appointment. This allows deep gum cleaning under local anaesthesia. This may take place over a course of longer visits. Regular hygiene and dental appointments will also help track gum improvements.
It′s hard for me to get time off work. Do you offer alternative appointment times?
We offer early morning appointments from 8.30 every day. We also have a late clinic on a Thursday until 18.30. Finally, we also offer Saturday morning appointments.
How often should I have dental check-ups?
At your check up we review your oral hygiene, existing dental restorations and gum health. We also screen your mouth to rule out any soft tissue lesions, including oral cancer. For most patients we recommend a check-up every 6 months. This is best practice and allows us to offer the highest standard of care. In some rare cases we may agree a 12 month recall with some patients.
Can I get a second opinion? And will I have to pay for it?
If you feel you would like a second opinion we are happy to offer you an appointment. This will enable you to see a different dentist at the practice for no fee. On rare occasions we may recommend you a referral to see a specialist outside the practice. We will tell you what fees you can expect when you see a specialist.